February 12, 2007

a four hour tour

me, in the mix at Archi-Arts

On Friday I was hired to do a four-hour set at a party (Archi-Arts; thrown by the sophomore Rice architecture students). I had a lot of fun, except that it reminded me why I rarely do private parties - I hate taking requests. I'll try to upload the choicest bits of the set sometime in the coming weeks; I was pretty wildly all over the place musically, but I kind of had to be to appeal to the broadest cross-section of party-goers possible.


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  1. archi-arts is (or was) the best overall rice party. remember the one they threw at the abandoned train station? that was my favorite.

    as for requests... i remember some South Asian Society function that sandeep was dj'ing. he played the macarena! count yourself lucky if you were spared that indignity.

  2. No, I didn't have to play the Macarena. Not that I would have even had they asked me to. At some point, I just got really fed up and started telling everyone 'no requests, you're gonna get what I give you, and that's it.' Very few people actually requested specific songs; it was more "can you play some rap" when I was playing dance music and "can you play some dance music" when I was playing hip-hop and "I'm rolling my balls off, help out a brother, please."

    Also requested: "salsa," "anything more popular" (screw popular, I'm going with the quality shit with a beat - no one is going to tell me that Bonde Do Role, Diplo, or Spank Rock are popular, but I'll be damned if it doesn't make a dancefloor move), and "anything else." After the first hour or so, the only requests I honored were those of the guy who hired me. Money talks; I'm so ready to sell out.

  3. mos def, put up the choice bits of your set. i need some new music. have you watched the brazilian tv series "city of men?" the soundtrack to that show could set off a lot of dancefloors. maybe diplo was right about this whole favela funk thing.

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