August 4, 2004

archived sets [June/July 2004]

Here are the archived sets from the last couple of months. I was pretty sporadic about recording the sets, so there are only four. Be sure to check the one with Baby Cee, his old school set was pretty good.


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  1. man, i love your program, but it takes FOREVER to download the playlist mp3. you guys need to allow a bigger bandwidth than the 4bits per second that come through. i am in a different city now, so i would appreciate being able to listen to the mp3.... thanks...

  2. I wish I had more bandwidth to allocate, but I'm serving this over a cable modem. It's pretty much dependent on how many people at any given time are downloading. I hope to eventually upgrade to a faster connection (T1, maybe) but that's going to take some significant money that I don't have right now.

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