July 2, 2003

playlist [1 July 2003]

Here is the playlist for the Vinyl Frontier, 1 July 2003. As a little side note, I'm now into my fifth year of doing this show - I started on the 15th of June, 1999. Shit, I've been a student at Rice a long time...

  1. Lexicon - These Days
  2. CVees - The Jump Off
  3. Uncle T - Old Hate
  4. Electric - Where Would U Be [remix]
  5. Akrobatik - Remind My Soul
  6. Flow Official - That's How We Build
  7. Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
  8. Earatik Statik - Keep Rockin'
  9. Ugly Duckling - Turn It Up
  10. the Majesticons - Majestwest Party
  11. Wee Bee Foolish - Maximus
  12. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Straighten It Out
  13. GZA/Genius - Fame
  14. Mathematics feat. Eyeslow - Juscan'tluv
  15. Black Moon - What's Poppin'
  16. Remynd - Remynd Me
  17. Grand Agent - Release Party
  18. Nocturnal Rage - The Best That I Can
  19. The Longshots - If You With Me
  20. Saj Supreme - Bump Da Gunz
  21. Buddy Klein - Nothing To Lose
  22. Tame One - Act Right
  23. Quite Nyce - You Don't Know Me
  24. Z-Man - Z-Mutiny
  25. Jakki da Motamouth - Stage Fright
  26. the A-Team - Show 'Em A Better Way
  27. Tajai - Who Got It?
  28. Lawless Element - Mic Check
  29. Lifesavas - Selector feat. J-Live
  30. Semi Official - Crime
  31. Da Professor - Are You Feelin' Me Man
  32. Oktober - Cell Block
  33. Libretto - Dirty Thangs
  34. T-Love - Chiquita
  35. Kelis - Popular Thug feat. Nas
  36. Dudley Perkins - Yo Soul
  37. Dr. Noh - All Alone
  38. A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out
  39. Breez Evahflowin - Billy Goats Gruff feat. Poison Pen & Vast Aire
  40. Foreign Legion - Roommate Joint
  41. Main Flow - Living the Game feat. Planet Asia
  42. Indelible MCs - Fire In Which You Burn
  43. Madlib - Montara
  44. Ramases - Street Sweep feat. Concise Kilgore
  45. Murs - Brotherly Love
  46. Baby Blak - Economix
  47. Styles of Beyond - Mr. Brown
  48. KRS-One - Ya Feel Dat
  49. 1st Infantry - Fourth of July
  50. 00Agents - Warning Shot (inst.)
  51. Aceyalone - Lost Your Mind


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  1. 51 songs? whoa. and where's the cheesy 80s finale? mr. ming, i want to wish you a cheerful 4th of july, and inform you i'm drinking woodchuck and about to go get fucked up w/ jeffrey birjandi. i'll tell him you said what's up, even though you haven't.

    was this message for public consumption? ahh, fuck it...

  2. since i moved to houston 3 years ago i promesto myself that i will forget hiphop and most specially the hardcore undergoround movement. i thought i was to old to listen music that the majotity of the people don't even know about. well one nigth that i was bored as hell i was scaniing throught radio stations and i found the vinyl frontier. since then, the only happy time that i find on radio is when the show is on. they have music that i don't even know about, and is good music. unfortunally there's few support from houston. i don't blame the people, cause every is bussy and working all the time. the problem is that is hard to meet people who likes this music.(i been searching for 3 years) and all i found is a mexican guy, a puerto rican, and a japaness guy who never goes to the concerts. my suggestion is that through this website, post all the concerts dates and material accecible to the public. is a hard job, but someone is gotta do it. i'll voluntarier. plus should be a way to get in contact with people. like a club or something. for example. thers time's that i want to go to the shows, and no one is available. is that the case email me aty racso143@yahoo.com. is a gerat show a i hope you keep doing a good job.
    thanks for the opportunity to express my self.

  3. Z-MUTINY!

  4. my lord cvees is sick. check em out. its the jump off for real.

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