April 8, 2003

fun with mod_rewrite

mod_rewrite is the most arcane, twisted beast ever. I've made some adjustments to the access of this server in an attempt to exert some control over my bandwidth usage before the cable company does it for me. A cursory analysis of my server logs from the last week has shown me that I've served about 0.75 GB (yes, gigabytes) of mp3 files. A little over 15% of that appears to be traffic driven from one of two specific pages based somewhere in Russia. I'm not cutting out a lot of traffic yet, but we'll see. The next project is to probably reduce the quality and therefore size of the mp3 files. This will have the added advantage of allowing some of the files to be served faster than real-time.

In any case, if you have troubles downloading mp3s from the server, please drop me a line either via email or in the comments - I may not have mod_rewrite configured quite correctly yet. It appears to work correctly for me, but I haven't banged on it too hard...


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